MP8 / DAC8 dsd best signal path?

(PieterJan Spijkerman) #1

Hello, I am new to Roon but have spent significant time reading the KB and browsing this community. I do have a question with regards to audiophile SQ.
My MP8 / Dac8 drives an A3000HV and a set of KEF Reference5’s. I am super happy with this setup. My music sources are either Qobuz, or locally sourced (DSD and FLAC) form a network connected Melco N1. I have acquired Roon Nucleus and am looking for the best signal path to the Dac8.
As I understand it my choices are networked through the roonready MP8, or Roon exclusive hence direct USB connected from Nucleus to Dac8.
From an SQ perspective, which is the best, and if exclusive is the answer what “functionality” will I loose bypassing the roonready MP8.
Either way, what is the expected signal path? From Roon Nucleus to Melco (to pickup local sourced material), and then as output to MP8 (if networked) or Dac8 (if exclusive).
All a bit confusing to me.
Any insights would be appreciated.

(Daniel Beyer) #2

Roon doesn’t pick up local sourced material, if I am understanding you correctly. All local source material is streamed to the Nucleus Core first, and then, back out to the endpoints. So, if music resides on the Melco, it will be streamed first to the Nucleus and then back out.

Ether way you do it, it will be a …Melco>Nucleus>DAC8 chain. I prefer having my endpoints connected via Ethernet if that is an option.

(PieterJan Spijkerman) #3

Rugby, thanks for your response. After having installed my nucleus I have found that the direct USB connection from nucleus to my DAC8 works perfectly well to run DSD format direct into the DAC8. Roon recongizes the DAC8 which I set up as a separate zone. Listening to DSD this way will mean some loss of Roon functionality en requires me to switch the DAC8 to the USB source using the T+A remote. Apart from that all works very well.
Again thanks for your insigts.

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