MQA and Bluesound

The comment above indicates it is a heavy lift for them. Probably a lot longer than “soon.”

It all depends on the size of the hopper, I guess.

But given that it is pretty easy to play MQA (local and Tidal) from the Bluesound app in parallel to Roon, it is quite an easy wait.

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Has Bluesound made the upgrade yet?

Not that I have seen.

Any update here? Does Roon work with MQA on the Node 2?

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Patient is not my best quality but this takes (much) too long. I bought the 390DDv2 just for that purpose.

I assume this means no update from BlueSound. Oh, well. At least I am saving money.

That is correct. There has been no update on this.

It will help more if you guys ask here:

Just done, gave a not so gentle push

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Just wondering ?
We’ve found out the hard way that in a Roon Environment the blusound devices will not decode MQA
Has anyone tried feeding the toslink optical “in” with a Roon signal from say a RPi with HiFiberry Digi+…
Anybody tried this, any theories on whether this should work???
Others seem to be using this to feed MQA capable DACs that don’t have ethernet???

That’s a good idea but I haven’t tried it. I use the Bluesound App to get MQA until the fix arrives.

I just signed up with Roon, complete newbie. I read through some of this thread because I have a Node 2. After using the Roon app on my iPhone, I played back Eagles Take It Easy and it is displayed (through the Roon app) as TIDAL FLAC 48kHz 24bit, MQA 192kHz. My question is, MQA 192kHz is what it would be if Roon & Bluesound were playing nice together and I’m actually hearing 48kHz. I ask this question because no one mentioned the MQA sampling rates actually displaying. Thanks.

In short: yes – the value indicates what the MQA file will fully unfold to. Once BlueSound releases the updated RoonReady implementation, the BlueSound endpoints will fully unfold up to 192 kHz on the analog outputs or do the first unfold (96 kHz) on the digital outputs when files are played from Roon.


Yeah, Bluesound isn’t quite RoonReady, but they’ve been grandfathered the designation. Long story.

Thank you. Gonna use Roon as much as I can for the next 14 days during the trial. Hopefully Bluesound gets that update out.

This is completely incorrect. There is no long story, and there is no grandfathering. Your statement is FUD.

The Bluesound devices were granted Roon Ready designation because even though they do not do everything, they do the stuff that they do correctly, with no cheats or lies, and with the best UX/SQ possible. Signal Path will be transparent as to what is going on.

Since the time at which they were granted Roon Ready designation, they have been provided with the needed information to support MQA from Roon. This does not change their Roon Ready designation. When they add MQA-from-Roon support, they will not suddenly become more “Roon Ready”.

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Danny, its nice that you see things this way. Those of us who spent money on Blusound equipment thinking it was Roon Ready and could play MQA (unfolded) feel let down. My view is that Blusound is not completely Roon Ready as it does not support/execute the playing of MQA files via Roon.
If Roon designates that a device is Roon Ready, then it should be able to do all you can do, and Bluesound doesn’t get to the finish line.
We are patiently waiting on them.
Your site should have an asterisk next to their Roon Ready designation so that those wanting to enjoy MQA via Roon should not be unintentionally mislead.

Roon Ready does not mean “all the capabilities” of the device. It never has.

We try to keep this device matrix up to date with limitations, but things to fall through the cracks.

Same goes for Roon Tested.