MQA and DSD on mobile is it better on android or ios

Hi Everyone,

I am about to get MQA ready portable to try it out whether I can hear the difference before purchasing DAC/Streamer MQA ready for my home set up.

Now kindly help me to choose whether it will be better on ios or android base mobile to try it out?

Best of wishes to you all :slightly_smiling_face:

If I wanted to do Roon using a phone it would be IOS.

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Hi Rush1 in most circumstances what Henry said is exactly right. Android by default resamples everything to 48Kz (even if starting at 44.1). Only Tidal (very early work) and a couple of apps (and phones) bypass this feature even if you are using a high quality dongle Dac.

So at this point you will get a more reliable sounding test on iOS

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For Android, there’s “USB Audio Player PRO”.
It’s able to play WAV FLAC OGG MP3 M4A MQA (first unfold) DSD DFF DSF AIFF AAC APE CUE in all sample rates up to 384kHz/32bit which are supported by the internal or USB DAC if mobile is OTG capable, UPnP/DLNA WebDAV Qobuz Tidal Shoutcast and other internet radio as long as being M3U PLS ASX in AAC/MP3 format, all gapless and more gimmicks…
I’m not affiliated, use it happily and do recommend it highly.


Dear Henry,

Thank you for your input.

Hi Michael Harris,
Thank you, I am got myself an ios dongle at the end, to try out MQA.

Hi Marin Weigel,
Thank you for your input, I am downloading the USB pro as writing this and will try it out.

Best wishes to all that helped me :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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