MQA Audio Files

I live in Morocco and unfortunatly Tidal is not available.
Where can I download MQA Audio files ?
I have a newsgroup subscription …
Please Help

You may want to try:

They sell MQA albums, but not to all geographies. They do not sell in the U.S., but you might have better luck in Morocco.

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Why do you need MQA? Why not FLAC high resolution?

Because I have FLAC high resolution with Deezer subscription .
And MQA , I need to Test it

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You can download MQA test files from 2L

Hope this helps😊


He wants to hear MQA files which are encoded in FLAC. Not much to ask


Yes not muxh to ask ,
But for an audiophile it’s amazing

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Thanks Akimo for the link
I have explored this URL
Apparently they don’t sell outside Europe for Warner Universal and Sony wich are the best choice
The rest is available worldwide but only a large choice of Classic Music wich is not my kif

Thanks for the link of 2L HRM Label ,
Very good for testing Hi Resolution audio files in different format including MQA and 24 Bit
Great test files with a large choice in Classical Music

This is a good read on MQA

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If you’re engineer yes
but not if you are a Music Lover

It’s nice to know there is research behind MQA and digital audio that can be studied by those who want it.

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Something else I have noticed is that MQA albums on Tidal seem to have comprehensive credits that I believe extends to their CD level counter offerings.