MQA availability

I’m using Roon connected to Tidal. Every Friday new titles appear in the Tidal app. I’m surprised that so few titles are available in MQA, maybe about 10 percent?
Since most studio’s record digitally in 24/48 domain, does anyone know why most titles are only available in 16/44.1? Has it do with the necessity of MQA software in the recording studio and record company’s don’t want to invest because most people listen to music on cheap headphones anyway? Or is MQA mainly created for classical listenars?
Just curious. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just noticed the Nina Simone Phillips albums are all MQA. There is so much more than in the What’s New section.
There is a list of MQA material that is also updated regularly.
Many new Americana artist have MQA releases Ashley McBryde Shelby Lynn, I look at it like a treasure hunt.
The other thing I notice is how good new recordings in 44/24 sound.

Not a real answer to your question I’m afraid…

MQA is marketed as a value added option. Even though the master plan would be to stream everything in MQA, that isn’t how it is being sold via Tidal who remain the only streaming provider to fully support the format. Ten percent is about what you might expect for a value added option. Much like the breakdown if you compared DVD Audio or SACD sales to CD back in the day. Not all releases made it on to the enhanced formats, and when they did sales were limited by price and hardware.

I will add that we know and accept there are arguments against the notion that MQA is an enhanced format. But that isn’t what this is about.

I’m new to Tidal. I see lots of MQA files available for download at various high res audio sites and a good number of MQA on Tidal itself. Does Tidal carry all MQA files, a complete set of all MQA available to date?

Tidal will give you the biggest available selection of MQA titles to stream.

Not every thing MQA is available in all regions on Tidal, which is a shame,