MQA disappointing


Why bring snark into a hobby discussion ? It’s about the music.

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Strangely however, you have taken the car and detuned the engine, replaced the inflatable tires with solid rubber, and removed the muffler. You keep screaming “it’s great!” over the din :joy: It’s, quite literally, un-believable.

What is it about your aligned-and-then-misaligned system I wonder that sounds so good? Can you explain the relationship?

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If you de tune the car, it would notice, hence the analogy. It wouldn’t drive right in so many ways.

There is nothing wrong with my system, and that’s the point. It sounds great.

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Unfortunately, the analogy doesn’t work. Analogies concerning physical protuberances never do.
So who’s Dad is bigger than whose then?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Berkeley offers a filter selection. The default setting, Filter 1 which I’m using, is proprietary but is not a minimum phase filter. Filter 2 is a minimum phase filter. After playing MQA the DAC goes back to the filter setting selected–it does not remain in any MQA filter mode.

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One would expect that behavior from DACs of Berkeley’s quality and price point. That said Myteks $5k DAC, I forget the model name, stays on the MQA filter once an MQA file is played.


The problem is that without the science, the why it sounds good to you is difficult to figure out. Maybe a bit of distortion of the kind MQA creates is euphonic for you. Maybe it sounds good for you because the speakers are phase-corrected, and that that same distortion is multiplied in other systems, or that others don’t like it, which makes it horrible to others. Maybe it’s just that you like the different masters better. All that’s why the “why” matters much more than your conclusion that “you like it”. It’s also why knowing what MQA does in detail matters. It’s why the BS babble is hardly bearable.

You do, and you don’t. Maybe the slicks are fantastic and grippy because you’re driving in the dry, and others are driving in the wet ;-).

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Or, those who are subjectively reporting “it’s great!” have only ever driven on All Season high mileage tires. Bob S hands them an an All Season high mileage, and at first labels it a Summer tire. Well, it does not take long before this is shown not to be true by those with actual Summer tires. Then Bob S changes his tune and labels the same exact tire “Sport”. It’s difficult to admit you’ve been duped, so the “it’s great!” line is still maintained of course and now your driving cap has “Sport” emblazoned upon it…in red letters… :yum:


No it definitely sounds great. As many words as you like, repeated as nauseam, still sounds great!


Why isn’t important, it’s not what you buy hifi for, you buy it to listen to music, not to spend years wondering why.

If you can’t bear the BS babble, try listening to music instead.

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Because you don’t really have a frame of reference in your room.

You have people that listen and compare many other filters giving you their experence, you then counter by saying the only filter I have is awesome.

Your technical reason ends up being the marketing of a company with something to sell.

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I listen to a lot of live music, in high quality… I film the shows and so have a great seat at the sound check and show.
We use qualified professional sound engineers through a Mackie 32 Chanel digital system. (Room correction at another level here) I also play acoustic guitar for a hobby and have done for many years. My frame of reference is my live experience of enjoying music for many years. I listen to live music at shows in our venue, churches, living rooms where ever.
I know what music sounds like in the real world and MQA for me in my system does not disappoint. In fact, it’s the best recorded sound I have ever heard.
I know CD and High Res sound great also but with CD, I increasingly know I am missing something and it could be better. There is a harshness that’s difficult to describe in words.
This insight has come to me over time with more and more MQA exposure.
I also agree that care in production has a great impact no matter what the delivery format.


Always negative strangely…There’s a little serious discussion but most of it is to do with the anti-MQA campaign and little to do with reality.

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I’m sorry but different rooms aren’t a good comparison. Nor is human aural memory good enough take what you hear out and compare it to what you have at home.


Of course it is! You’re probably thinking about AB comparisons about micro details. My audio memory tell me my hifi is better than my radio for instance…

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I am Human and what else can I do but live my life by my experience. For me, that is the only valid criteria. MQA must have done something right to hit the spot so well. If the results didn’t sound convincing to me, do you think I would bother with it? No is the answer in case you’re stuck :joy:
MP3 works, CD can be amazing, MQA is consistently better again to the point where I can stop chasing the dragon of constant tweaks and upgrades. If only all music was this good…

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I have to agree with @Barrowboy
This Topic have become a “Not Especially Serious Discussion”!
Some people are just repeating and repeating what they think or not think, about MQA and linear filter’s vs minimum filter’s!
Some people even repeating what they have wrote many times before! I wonder why???
Regarding linear filter’s so does they have a pre-ringing right?
Before the sound comes right? As a musician have I problem with this because that’s means for example a Bass Drum, the drummer is sitting and playing “Gost Hits On The Bass Drum” before, he hits the Bass Drum! It’s lunatic I have fired that drummer instantly, if it’s not there Jazz he played! “Gost hits on the snare drum it’s a different story” Jeff Porcaro one of the Greatest drummer in the world used to play “Gost Hits On The Snare Drum”! (For you “ordinary people” who don’t know Jeff Porcaro was, so did he play in the group Toto)! Besides his work with Toto, he was also a highly sought-after session musician. Porcaro collaborated with many of the biggest names in music, including George Benson, Larry Carlton, Eric Carmen, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Christopher Cross, Miles Davis, Dire Straits, Donald Fagen, Stan Getz, David Gilmour, James Newton Howard, Al Jarreau, Elton John, Leo Sayer, Rickie Lee Jones, Paul McCartney, Michael McDonald, Sérgio Mendes, Jim Messina, Pink Floyd, Lee Ritenour, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Seals and Crofts, Bruce Springsteen, Steely Dan, Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer and Joe Walsh. Porcaro contributed drums to four tracks on Michael Jackson’s Thriller and also played on the Dangerous album hit “Heal the World”. He also played on 10cc’s …Meanwhile (1992). On the 1993 10cc Alive album, recorded after his death, the band dedicated “The Night That the Stars Didn’t Show” to him.

With “Gost Hits On The Snare” But Not On The Bass Drum! Please watch and listen to this Video with Jeff Porcaro, it’s also describe Linear vs Minimum Filter’s well, because on the snare, hi-hat, ride cymbal is Linear Filter’s excellent described, but on the bass drum and toms is the Minimum Filter’s excellent described for you, in the Music!

If you wonder how Jeff who was Born, April 1, 1954 and Died, August 5, 1992 Only 38 Years Old, could play on all this “I guess some of your favorite Artist and Albums”! So did he become a professional musician (Drummer) at the age of 13th years old/young!

Love & Respect


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This thread has got seriously repetitive, and boring.
Now THIS looks so much more fulfilling than contributing to this nonsensical thread:


Brilliant! From the release information:


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Sadly so doesn’t I think or believe that the most of the people in this Topic, understand that the XXXX I’m trying to explain to you about Linear Filter’s VS Minimum Filter’s, Right?
But you who are Musician’s and it doesn’t matter if you’re a Professional Musicians, Play for fun or working with different kinds around Music like @Chrislayeruk! I especially want to thank you Chris, because without people like you who’s spending so much of your time and experience to helping, supporting Live Music and for you it’s enough with a free/or even half the price on a dinner some free beers! Because you do it anyway and it’s priceless, I just wanted to give you a big Thank You!

But you who prefer the Linear Filter’s for us Musicians, so does the music sound like it’s not tight! Because it doesn’t matter if it’s live or on Album, the Musicians playing to a click track so the music will come together and everything at the same time!!!

So I prefer the Minimum Filter’s, because it’s sounds like music does live or on a Album!

The same thing is with MQA because it’s also sounds more like music in real life sounds!

But for people who don’t know or have heard a piano, acoustic guitar, cello or how a drum kit… sounds in it’s nature!
How can you expect to now it when you listen to a Album, now matter what kind of format it is?

On top of all this, so is it a matter of each person’s opinion of what we like and prefer to listening on!
Everybody haven’t the same taste of music style or sound, we don’t have it about food, cars, sports or anything else now matter what it is!
So why should we have it about Linear or Minimum Phase Filters Or MQA?
If we have been forced to like exactly everything in the world, well it would have been a sad world to living in, Or?

So let each person have their own opinions and stop complaining, because all people doesn’t have the same opinion or taste as yourself!
Be thankful for it instead, because life isn’t long enough for arguing with anyone who doesn’t have the same opinion about trivial small things, like Linear or Minimum Phase Filters Or MQA!

You will not have any Monuments Raised, when you dies anyway, you have a larger chance if you respect other people’s opinion!

But keep on your discussion about, Linear VS Minimum Phase Filters and if MQA is good or bad, it’s only your opinion that counts anyway because the Sun will go up tomorrow anyway!

Love & Respect