MQA disappointing


This whole thread is endless repetition…

(Mark) #1439

Then, you can make one of three decisions:

  1. You can perpetuate that by re-stating the same thing. You’ve made the point more than a few times now, re-inforcing the very thing you’re criticising.
  2. You can bow out of the thread. Preferably without some leaving speech which backfires when you rejoin a day later.
  3. You can elevate the discussion by providing an alternative viewpoint, preferably with something new to say.

What I hope won’t happen is that the debate is shut down, simply because one side is upset or “insulted” that other people disagree with their viewpoint.


Thanks for explaining

If it’s ok with you. I’ll chip in whenever I feel it worthwhile?

This thread should have been closed along time ago. It is used by the anti MQA brigade to keep a dead topic alive, that is their campaign IMHO. This happens on a number of forums.

It’s not pretty, or educational but here we are…

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #1441

I’m going to bow back out now. I only rejoined because I felt that Chris was repeating himself then refused to back that up with even his own subjective data points, which it is clear is his intention, even when that was directly pointed out.

So all of you can now go back to your Monty Python sketch:

(Martin Kelly) #1442

James, I have never stated that ‘it’s more credible to refuse to do any comparison.’ Far from it. My point is, is that there is no requirement to do any sort of comparison to post in this thread. And Chris is as justified as anyone who contributes to this thread in posting that his MQA stream sounds good. The opposite would also be completely justified, as the OP originally posted.
The last time I looked, this thread was called ‘MQA dissapointing’, and not ‘Only ABX Comparisons of MQA & FLAC Allowed’.
There will always be opposing points of view, but I agree with an earlier post that this thread has degenerated into a receptacle for ‘anti-MQA’ prejudice, conjecture and hate.
As I’ve previously posted, I’m quite ambivalent about MQA. However, for better or for worse, MQA is here. Only time will tell if it’s here to stay. So simply:

(Martin Kelly) #1443

Sleep well James.
See you tomorrow… :wink:


I absolutely love that sketch!!!

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(Martin Kelly) #1445

Pure genius!

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But why have to repeat it over and over and over and over again?
Not only here, also in the “What are we listening to” and several other threads.
Such a behaviour is not longer opinion, it is propaganda.

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(Chris ) #1447

I have to repeat myself because the opposing view is so oft repeated also. Also, why can’t I enthuse over a recording I am enjoying in the ‘What are you listening to’ thread.
That is a place to give a heads up to great music, others may we’ll be interested.


He who keepeth repeating that others keep repeating themselves seemeth to keep ignoring that he, too, keepeth repeating himself. Repetitio delectat… (Hope I haven’t said that before…:wink:)


Exactly. .

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That’s a quotation from the Gospel according to St. Reiteratius, right?:joy:


But why pushing it down our throats that the recording is in MQA in the ‘What are you listening to’ thread? I never saw people with opposing view mentioning that they listen to the MP3 version.

(Chris ) #1452

I think it’s appropriate to say CD, MQA High Res MP3 whatever. It’s relevant to the topic. Some people may not know MQA is available, or may prefer CD and search that out. If the format was on the image, no further comment would be required.
MQA is a thing now, just like SACD, DSD, High Res and to state the format in context, is IMHO helpful.


And I thought the ‘What are you listening to’ thread is about the music and not formats, silly me.

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(Rudi) #1454

Have you ever listened to this CD?

Both the SACD and the MQA version completely pale in comparison. Obviously not the same master though. I am sure the exact same sound could be generated via SACD or MQA, if one wanted to.

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(Chris ) #1455

It’s about, what you are listening to… so format is relevant. You would be the first to agree that some are better than others, (and we may disagree on which is which) but if you have some music that excels in a format, tell us all about it.

(Chris ) #1456

That is a great recording in any format.

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(Martin Kelly) #1457

IMO, the ‘What are you listening to?’ thread should be ‘Format-free’. There should be no need at all to mention whether it’s RB, 24-bit, AAC, MQA etc. It’s music. And the format in that particular thread is absolutely irrelevant.

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