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Of course we don’t know what agreement Roon and MQA entered into during that protracted negotiation period. Perhaps Roon had to agree to MQA being preferenced over other formats when streaming Tidal

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I haven’t seen the agreement between MQA and Tidal, but I’d be pretty sure it doesn’t contain such a term. My guess is the protracted negotiations were about software decoding and licence fees.

That’s good to know.
This feature request may eventuate eventually :grinning:

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That’s just the thing is it not - NDA’s invite this very speculation. Respectfully, your “pretty sure” is no more informed than anyone else’s “pretty sure”. NDA’s such as MQA’s are poison to the truth - that is their very point, to hide the truth. Why? In MQA’s case, because they are attempting to change our open market (at the format level) into a closed market.

Also, @a.dent rightly pointed to the agreement between Roon and MQA, not agreement(s) between Roon and Tidal, MQA and Tidal, etc.

Beyond all this Roon is upstream saying that the privileging of MQA is “a bug”. I don’t doubt this, at this point. I expect this “bug” to be fixed in the next update for surely it is a small thing…


I assume you’re “pretty sure” about that…

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Since MQA Ltd. are explicit about it, it is not an opinion - it is a fact.