MQA DSD128 albums?

Just seen this album appear in Roon Radio and was surprised to see in the format line that it’s MQA DSD128 (see photo, below). Can anyone explain what it means?

In my system the same.
I do upsample everything to DSD128 but has nothing to do with this.
When I play the file it is just a 16/44.
Database of Tidal/Roon……??

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Thanks for the response. I noticed that my iPad is still on Build 880 as the AppStore doesn’t have 882 yet. Maybe it’s to do with that?

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No, that’s nothing to do with it. I see the same on my Mac endpoint which is running B882.

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There is no Build 882 for phone and tablet control devices. Build 880 is current for those devices.

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This is just garbage metadata. DSD and MQA are incompatible formats.

What’s your signal path look like. That will tell you the correct format.

I think you’re right, it’s an error of some kind. don’t think it’s actually an MQA track at all, as the signal path doesn’t show MQA.

Bob Stuart, in the blog citation below, says that MQA can be sourced from a DSD file, although the output will be PCM. Perhaps that is the meaning of the label here, since that data field normally lists the sample rate of the original file before encoding.

Agreed, if there is a discrepancy then trust the signal path, as that is reporting on the actual stream from the file rather the associated metadata.

This looks like a false positive during Roon’s album ingestion process, Roon are now aware and will investigate.

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i find a lot of mislabeled, or not labeled, MQA tracks. not sure if its roon or tidal. using albums–>focus, will sometimes see hi res listed, but no MQA, and then when selecting the Qobuz Hi-res version, i find a tidal MQA option.