MQA for DSJ and DS w/Bridge II is imminent!

I trust you folks saw this latest update? Go to post 25 from Paul McGowan, posted today. MQA DAC support seems imminent for the Bridge Ii connected DS family.

Personally, I can’t wait! :thumbsup:

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Yep. It will still need Roon to do the first unfold but until that comes, we can at least try it with mConnect player, for the mean time.

Sean - you are seriously harshing my mellow! LOL

Seriously? I thought ALL the unfolding would be done by our respective PS Audio devices.

Can you please explain how that’s not so?


LOL sorry mate. That’s what Brian told me.

A bit like the Dragonfly, the Bridge II will need the Core to do the first unfold, then the Bridge II will take her the rest of the way to glorious 24/192.

But it will work next week with mConnect, to 24/192. We just need to wait a little longer for Roon

Ok. Thanks.

I understand what you are saying, but still hoping you are wrong. So…

Who’s Brian?

Brian, Roon CTO?

As above, mConnect will work from next week for 24/192 MQA. That has nothing to do with Brian obviously

So I’m just talking about Roon + MQA + Bridge II when I say we’ll need to wait a little longer.


On the face of it, that sounds like a really credible - and clearly impnformed - source. However, based on my readings, it flies in the face of what’s been stated on the PSA forum.

But - honestly - maybe my ignorance is the problem here. As I understand it, Bridge II will need nothing but an MQA encoded file. Roon - as I understand it - will currently pass that straight thru, exactly as Bridge II wants it.

What am I missing here? Or is there a disconnect between what you are attributing to Brian, and what PSA has stated on their forum?

PSA are saying that next week we can stream MQA using 24/192 using mConnect. That is true and has nothing to do with Roon. So it’s not against anything that PSA have said. So it shouldn’t fly in the face of what’s been stated - PSA have only discussed mConnect Player. Dennis has even said the only player that will work initially is mConnect

For clarity again, Brian was only talking to me about Roon + MQA + Bridge II and that the Bridge II will need Roon to do the first unfold.

From Brian last month: “It has to do with how their firmware works on the device–they do need Roon to do the first unfold in the configuration where we’re involved because…and we don’t do that yet. Not all devices will have this limitation.”

Let’s see how this unfolds next week, pun fully intended LOL. Anyway I have mConnect player installed on my iPad ready to go to finally hear MQA on my DS.

Sean - if what you have stated is correct, it flys in the face of what I thought I’ve read. But - truth be told - I’ve had profound impatience with such details, and have impatiently waited for it to just “work”. So thanks for the clarification.

It seems I missed something. But here’s to hoping you are wrong! :wink:

No telling how long we might wait for that first unfold. :slight_smile:

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Feel free to PM Brian yourself too, for clarification in case I misunderstood.

But since Roon have a Bridge II and DS in house, for RoonReady testing/certification, I trust Brian’s comments when he says the Bridge II will need Roon to do the first unfold.

In the mean time, get mConnect ready! We’ll finally get to hear 24/192 MQA on our DS to hear what all the fuss is about, next week

I thought initially they were saying the Bridge II didn’t have enough processing power to even do the first unfold but then they did an about face and said it could do first and second unfold. Won’t have too long to wait to find out though.

Thanks Jumbuck. That is pretty much what I though I read too.

Then before that was Paul’s’ position that he’d never support it. But that’s all water under the bridge now.

I guess it’s wait and see, as you said.

Here was some chat about how Roon is different, in terms of MQA with the Bridge II

I think this links with Roon potentially needing to do the first unfold to the Bridge II

I’ve followed that discussion for a while and pretty sure only mConnect Player has been discussed as the player, apart from that discussion linked above about Roon

And this:

However with today’s Build 242 update and

“MQA Detection: First, and most importantly, this means that we can now relay information about MQA streams to Roon Ready devices, which will enable partners to begin making MQA + RAAT work together.”

I wonder if this changes things

The wait has been killing me guys, I’m just like you and eager lol :+1:

And this today:

I think Paul McGowan is referring to Roon decoding MQA. At least that is the way I read it. It is a bit confusing but hopefully it will be released before the weekend.

From the looks of it, don’t think BridgeII will be support MQA via Roon

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It will eventually. As Brian mentioned to me, the Bridge II needs Roon to do the first unfold, in order to get 24/192 MQA. So we’ll need to wait for Roon decoding (no timeline obviously).

In the mean time, the mConnect app will allow Tidal MQA streaming to the DS to 24/192 at some point this week or next week, so we’ll get to hear it with our DS soon at least.

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My money is still on a full decode in the Bridge II. I can’t see the point if it is anything less. Having to use another app to play Tidal through just gets messy IMO. The DS Bridge does have enough power for the first unfold so why not do it all?