MQA Full decoder Blue not Megenta

Hi, I’ve got a Moon Ace and I’m playing a 96 kHz MQA track from Tidal via Intel Nuc using ROCK over wired internet.
Why am I getting a blue light instead of a Magenta light next to ‘MQA Full Decoder’

Could it be MQA Studio gives one colour and MQA the other

This album is MQA Studio

Try it.

Because Roon has no idea what processes the Moon is doing and so can’t call it bit perfect.

Have a look at the KB article on Signal Path. It says (in part):

Enhanced signal paths are indicated by a bright blue light. This means that Roon is performing some signal processing steps on the audio because you asked for them . The most common reason for a blue light is that features like Volume Leveling or DSP Engine are in use.

You can add MQA signal processing to this list.

Also, The blue light means Enhanced. You get that light when doing any upscaling, like taking a 44.1 file and upscaling it to 88.1 or higher, for example.

Here is the FAQ

Given that the 2nd Decode is really just upscaling the results of the first Decode to a target rate and then applying a specific filter, it kind of makes sense, to me, to apply the same Enhancement light. Actually, it should apply to the first Decode as well, I’m not sure why it doesn’t given that MQA unfolding is the opposite of “bit perfect” by definition.

Thanks Chris but still blue :worried:

Oooooo but the sound is so good… :sunglasses::sunglasses:

It does sound good Chris but I feel like I’m missing out on something better.
No filters are on and if they were wouldn’t they show up on the signal path.
I think it just annoys me more that if I playback using my iPad and headphones all is magenta.
So am I getting Full MQA if it’s showing blue from the Moon Ace?

Hi Daniel, Don’t you think Roon should know exactly what Moon is doing isn’t that the point of it being a ROON Ready device?

Your signal path looks ok to me. The Moon is a full MQA decoder so you May have to consult Moon about the colours.
I get a similar signal path on my Meridian DSP 5200 SEs but the speaker display shows me exactly what’s going on.

Roon Ready is to do with certification that the RAAT protocol has been successfully integrated into the device. Nothing to do with MQA, the implementation of which in a device remains a black box, the content of which is known only to the device manufacturer and MQA Ltd…

Mine blue to on my Ifi Nano i think this is correct it should not be purple.

Mine on a Bluesound Pulse 2

Let me jump in here before this goes off the rails…

The “Enhanced” signal path light is shown whenever the core is doing some form of signal processing AND / OR the Roon Ready endpoint is performing a DSP operation like MQA rendering.

In this case you’re showing the endpoint is doing the complete rendering (that’s what MQA Full Decoder means). That’s a DSP operation in Roon’s view and the endpoint is required to set the light to enhanced in that case.

In other words, what you’re seeing is normal operation. The blue light is telling you that your Moon ACE is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and performing the MQA decode / render process.

Nothing is wrong here and you are not missing out on anything. This is just what Roon requires of the manufacturers who implement Roon Ready.


I’m feeling better about it all now, thanks for everybody’s help and input.

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