MQA import and collection

MQA is messing with my enjoyment of roon.

It’s not like I enjoy listening to the entire set of MQA music.
I’m fascinated enough about it trying different methods to add mainly MQA music.
It’s not like I’ve done a lot of A/B tests as I find them hard to perform.
When it comes to compressed vs cd quality there is a clear difference but it is subtle.
Compressed music actually keeps a lot of the music and try to eliminate things that are hard to hear.
When doing that comparison I’m actually just looking for a difference as the cd quality sound is obviously better.
So in the blind test telling which is which is not important. One is by default more accurate.
I would imagine the same can be said about MQA and CD quality but I have yet to try comparing.
Due to the goals of MQA I assume it is more accurate than CD so if there is a difference MQA is kind of winning by default. If you think CD is more accurate then there is no need for you to care about MQA.

Havn’t looked at the “complete MQA list.csv” for a while trying to use just roon to add MQA albums starting pretty much from scratch. I currently have 3389 albums. I know there are a lot more albums but I’m not sure I’m aiming for a 100% target as the target is moving every day.

What is your stance and approach to MQA?
If I add a normal CD version of an album the future MQA version would be hidden in roon.
Are there any fancy functionality to deal with mass import.
The MQA csv had many thousands of TIDAL links to sometimes region restricted MQA albums.

I feel very conflicted, to add an TIDAL album to roon it has to be a favorite in TIDAL. You can obviously create a separate set within your library to set roon specific favorite albums. This does not reach TIDAL so album view for my iPhone is completely messed up as it is impossible to browse >3000 albums in your phone.

Interesting question. I’ve found that generally speaking the MQA is better than CD. However, you need to verify that, it depends on the master, personal preference. One thing that makes working out what you have is the ‘versions’ section in Roon under each album, it only suggests if there are multiple versions. You can check with the album that you have as to what is available from Tidal, whether in CD or MQA. Then listen and see which you prefer. It will take some time, but if you do it with the albums you love, just think of all the time you can spend listening to great music.