MQA Live Has been announced

MQA Live has been launched

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Interesting. Quite innovative…
Certainly potential for it to become a whole new niche area for streaming… doesn’t have to be via MQA tech necessarily but if it sheds more light on the live music scene and delivers high res audio then great.

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This sounds weird… all recordings to date must be processed in-house by MQA Ltd for licensing. No one can own such recording gadgets other than themselves.

Having live streaming of MQA requires the artists and producers to own such equipment and need to ‘tune’ the sound the artists and producers like not the ‘original quality’.

It would be the original quality of the transmitted gig I expect, and will require someone to decide on the transmitted mix.

It will be interesting to see what kind of mix is chosen for transmition.

As a small example, at Little Rabbit Barn we have a calibrated sound system for the room which has been remixed for the videos we post and CD’s we have released or we enjoy privately. We have 32 channels to record.

The remix for our recent live EP release took a lot of effort and involvement from Jay Stapley and the artist Elles Bailey.

I look forward to learning more about the authenticated live sound with MQA Live.

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This, approved by performer.
Live online approved by just performing performer… :slight_smile:

He can’t play and sit at the mixing desk lol but I get the point.

A new article from MQA about the Live stream to Munich