MQA mastering - vinyl production

As reported by someone in computeraudiophile forum, there is a MQA vinyl:

This is just a vinyl pressing of the MQA remastering, no?

Yes I guess.

Vinyl Mastered in MQA

As long as I can stream the vinyl from Tidal I’m all for it

All the bits in a single groove, sounds like a CD to me…

Have you not read the article? The original audio, comes in many formats in many conditions and has to be digitised for recovery. These digital files are then processed by MQA to remove digital artefacts so a clean analog master can be used for the vinyl transfer. That doesn’t sound like CD to me…

Yes i have read it, and my answer was an ironic one.
Another MQA crazy idea, digital mastering and processing transfering it to an analogue, in my eyes inferior medium.
Well well, if there is a marked, some one will make a product and make money out of it.

Now everybody can throw their expensive DACs in the trash, no need for those any more🤪

Whatever you or I think, people want analog vinyl and this seems a great way to achieve this goal from a delicate archive.
I agree that all stages of an analog system are lossy, but people seem to mind that less than they do digital artefacts.
So as there is a market and manufacturers will look for the best ways to satisfy that market with MQA providing a solution they are looking for.