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This thread is for discussion of music that is available in the MQA format, there are other MQA topics relating to

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MQA Tidal to launch MQA Hi-Res audio streaming in 2016

References to papers, articles, reviews and personal experiences or opinions about MQA music are welcome. Personal attacks on other people (whether other Roon users or industry figures) will be moderated. Try not to argue about who killed who’s brother …

Amy Duncan’s Fifth Album Undercurrents is a First for MQA.

What HiFi have just reported that Warner Music has announced its long term commitment to MQA.

HighResAudio offers MQA, too

An excellent example of MQA:
MOZART Violin Concertos (MQA remix 2016)

“MQA Reviewed” by Michael Lavorgna

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NAD Announces Partnership with MQA

There are some samples here: MQA Samples

David Elias made most of his albums available in MQA,you can buy them at .

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Can someone open a thread on MQA hardware ready? I will add in Aurender A10 all in music streamer + DAC. This one support MQA.

Great music and great sound ;=)

The latest Marillion album “F E A R” is available in MQA.

“What Is Up With MQA”