MQA on Qobuz is causing LOUD distortion on PS Audio AirLens streamer

I have NO interest in MQA and have no files. When selecting Roon Radio, it has randomly chosen an MQA song and causes LOUD distortion. I have always had MQA shut off in settings.
It was suggested in AirLens set up, I select “Decoder” for MQA settings- as the AirLens does support MQA playback.
Any further thoughts?

If it doesn’t have mqa then select no MQA capabilities.
Why on earth would you select decoder when it isn’t one?

There is an option for MQA content In Settings General, scroll to the bottom, under Streaming Content Preferences.

How would you like Roon to treat MQA encoded content? Prefer anything else over MQA

Mike, thank you, I didn’t know this option was available under Settings General.
“Prefer anything else over MQA” is now selected.

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That won’t help if the material is only available in MQA on the service. Being on Qobuz this is likely to be that way as one label only provide MQA files. You just need to turn off Roons MQA core decoder for the zone and set the device to no MQA support it will then hopefully pass through.