MQA - Oppo UDP-205 (after Nov2017/March 2018 firmware)

Does Roon unfold or pass forward Tidal Desktop App. unfolded MQA Tidal Master files? After checking with Oppo I understand there is no way to validate the bitrate/sampling rate of network streamed or USB attached file playback via the ,display (you need to make sure you are selecting a hi-resolution file to ensure hi-resolution playback…). They went on to indicate that “MQA can only be unfolded (decoded) and rendered (filtered) when you are playing back the MQA files through attached USB storage, DLNA/SMB or MQA CD. Otherwise, your computer will need to do the unfolding for the player if you are using Asynchronous USB or Roon.”

From the reference to Roon (and the inability to confirm via UDP-205 display), I am just not confident that I am hearing MQA unfolded from a Roon streamed Tidal Master file. Clarification insight is much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Roon does not utilize the Tidal desktop app.

You are not. Unless/until Roon is able to perform a first unfold, no MQA decoding will be possible with just Roon and the OPPO UDP.


Thanks AJ.