MQA playback without MQA decoder

I have been downloading MQA files and playing it back via various devices throughout my home. I do not have a MQA DAC presently. Thinking about starting with Meridian Explorer 2. When I playback the file hit shows the purple Roon icon. Is this playing back in 44.1 /24 bit?

It will be playback at whatever the MQA track was encoded at, typically 24/44 or 24/48, but it could also be (in rarer circumstances) 16/44 or 16/48.

This is an interesting article from Sterophile Magazine.

This is just part of it. Having a time-domain compensation means it needs to use ‘leaky filter’ which causes aliasing problem. This is trade off, nothing is unique here.

As I quote 'However, optimizing the digital chain’s behavior in the time domain involves using a very “short” antialiasing filter at the A/D conversion, and a similarly “short” reconstruction filter when the digital data are decoded. The more you constrain the data in the time domain, the less you can do so in the frequency domain. These filters are therefore “leaky,” as you can see in the measurements accompanying the Aurender review in this issue, and will thus allow ultrasonic images to fold down into the baseband. Such filters are not new ’ by John Atkinson

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