MQA Renderer Only vs. Decoder and Renderer & Channel Layout

I am wondering why the Roon ready device Trinnov Altitude 16 defaults to “Renderer Only” in the Roon MQA Capabilities setting. “Decoder and Renderer” is selectable and seems to work. Wouldn’t this be the “better” setting?

A second question: In the advanced setting there’s “Channel Layout”, which defaults to 2.0 with the Altitude 16. My real setup is 9.2. (L, R, C, Ls, Rs, HL, HR, HLs, HRs; two subs). Am I correct with selecting 5.1 in this case?

Roon pretty much defaults to renderer only for all devices. Even non MQA endpoints. I think the philosophy is to do any DSP or manipulation in Roon and then setting it to Renderer only allows it to complete the job for MQA but has no impact for other formats.

So it’s more like a religious question - Who do I believe in has the better decoder - Roon or Trinnov?

Neither. They both licence the decoder from MQA.

As Martin said there is only 1 decode code. If you want to hear a different decider than try Auralic, I think they went their own route.

Now other things might influence sound, like the render stage, since that will be different per DAC.

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