MQA - Roon - DAC: a little clarification for a newbie

Good morning

To your “ears” I am a newbie and for this I need a little theory lesson about MQA - DAC - Roon:

My chain consists of:

They have already told me that setting this to the DAC is wrong, but how can my chain make this MQA flow sound at 352.8 kHz?

I would like to understand if it is Roon (or ubuntu) that decodes everything and sends it correctly to the DAC or if the number written “352.8” is only written and really is not coming out of this resolution?

Another thing: if it is Roon that does magic and is really working at 352 kHz, would it make sense to change DACs with more performing ones, such as the Pre Box S2 Digital?

thanks to all, I hope you can clear up the ideas that, as I said, are new to the industry :slight_smile:

thank you so much :innocent:

You can’t play a fully decoded and rendered track because you don’t have an MQA capable DAC. So, first you need to setup the DAC correctly, i.e. No MQA Support and under Advanced set Enable MQA Core Decoder.

Once this is done, Roon will perform the “first unfold” and convert the 44.1kHz 24bit track to 88.2kHz. You will not get to 352.8kHz without an MQA capable DAC. These DACs apply filters and upsample to the higher sample rate.

Note that Authentication in the Signal Path is simply confirming that you have a valid MQA stream or file.

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OH thanks,
now I finally understand!
In practice the “authentication” is not the one that is really coming out on my speakers!
Now everything is clearer to me.
Thank you, you are always kind and precise!

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That’s correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

Regarding your DAC, which uses a Burr-Brown DAC integrated circuit, you may find you get better results applying power of 2 upsampling. These settings are under DSP.

Hmmm I don’t think I’ve got it right :thinking:, is that it?

Looks correct to me.

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thank you for the tip!

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