MQA sample rate conversion

My DAC only supports 44.1k and 48k sample rate.

I have configured the sample rate conversion in DSP for my DAC device in Roon accordingly.

However, for MQA content from Tidal, it seems that my DAC still reads higher sample rate.

Is there a way for me to tell Roon to downsample MQA from Tidal to 44.1kHz or 48kHz?


Aren’t all MQA files 44.1 or 48 before decoding? Can’t you just turn off the MQA decoding in Roon?

actually the signal path did show that the original files are 44.1 or 48 then it was converted to MQA. Do you know how do I turn off the MQA in roon? Thanks.

Go into device settings for your endpoint and turn of MQA core decoder in the advanced section.

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My setting is a bit different from yours:

but even if I set the MQA capabilities to “Renderer only” or “No support”, it stills passes MQA to my bridge:

Yes it will send it but you can’t use any DSP as soon as you do it will destroy the MQA data. Choosing the proper MQA setting is essential if you want to use DSP and maintain MQA rendering. If you don’t use DSP then it’s not needed at all and can be set to anything if you no then its renderer or decoder and renderer.

What is it you are trying to do? Are you playing Tidal MQA files? If so, I would think you either want Roon or your DAC to decode these files. Is your DAC an MQA capable DAC? If so, it can also do the rendering. You have to decide if you want Roon or your DAC to do the decoding and do you want your DAC to do the rendering, since Roon can’t. Otherwise, turn all MQA off, but why use Tidal MQA in that case?

I am using DSP to downsample everything to either 44.1k or 48k. In this case does it mean I can’t use MQA and DSP at the same time?

I want Roon to decode MQA. Is it possible for Roon to decode MQA and downsample it to 44.1 or 48 in its DSP? If it is not possible then I will just turn off MQA in Tidal and just use Hifi quality in Tidal. Thanks!

You can’t use resampling with MQA and have the MQA renderer work on a DAC it’s broken the chain. You can resample it after the core decoder in Roon if you want but why bother turn off the core decoder and leave it as 48/24 or 44.1/24

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@Yuheng_Du from the signal path screen capture it seems the dCS bridge does the MQA decoding. Would it be possible to turn off MQA decoding on the dCS bridge?

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Click on the advanced section to configure CORE MQA Decode…

There are only two places you can decode MQA. One is the Roon software and the other is an MQA capable DAC. There is only one place you can do MQA rendering. That is an MQA capable DAC.

The MQA capable DAC decoding and rendering is turned on and off in the Device Setup. The Roon software decoding is turned on and off in the “Show Advanced” page of the Device Setup.

Even if you turn off all the MQA, if you’re playing an MQA file, you will see the MQA authentication and the fact that it is an MQA file. It is and will always be an MQA file.

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Or a MQA capable network bridge, as is the case here.

MQA is transmitted in 44.1kHz or 48kHz. After Core decoding it becomes 88.2kHz or 96kHz respectively.

What you’re requesting implies 44.1kHz → 88.2kHz → 44.1kHz. This does not make sense.

This is the correct observation.

Both the MQA Core decoder in Roon, and the MQA Core decoder in dCS Network Bridge, need to be turned off in order to get 44.1kHz / 48kHz output.