MQA settings on Roon - iFi Zen Dac V2

Hi guys. I have an iFi Zen Dac V2. I use Roon with my Tidal account. The V2 is a full MQA decoder, so on the audio settings in Roon, should I say at MQA capbilities, Decoder and Renderer? At the advanced settings, should I switch off Roon core decoder? Thanks in advance.

Yes to all those settings.

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Yes to all those settings


Decoder and Renderer
Roon core decoder ON, in case you want to do any DSP like volume levelling.


Picky picky :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response

Thank you. For now I’m not going to use any DSP, so I’m going to leave it off

Is all of them correct? Should the last one say Enchanced or Lossless? On my Dac its shows a green light, which means it is doing the full decoding and the rendering.

That’s correct. It’s lossless to your DAC, but as it’s a USB connection, Roon has no idea if there are any “non-lossless” things going on downstream.

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How do you mean it doesn’t know?

As I understand it roon sends the USB device the data stream but gets no information back as to what goes on beyond that point. The DAC might be downscaling or anything.

Oh ok. So my settings are right? Should I rather set it to Renderer only and put Roonn core decoder on then?

Now it shows a magenta light.

That’s all in order and as it should be. The signal is passed lossless to your DAC which then takes over.

Your DAC has a light around the volume wheel and this should signal what it’s playing. Check the user manual.

Recommended settings for MQA are: DAC set to decoder and renderer, Roon core decoder ON.

I am so glad that I found this thread! I have wondering if Roon would work with the Zen v2. Been meaning to try it out because it is a easy entry into the world of MQA decoder DACs. :slight_smile:

In fact, I will likely still have my current desktop DAC attached to my MacMini, my Roon Core, and run the Zen v2 as a second DAC from my MacMini. Fingers crossed that this will work.

I thought Roon Core Decoder OFF was the best setting for this device. MQA capabilities: Decoder and renderer.

Yeah that is correct. I just use ASIO instead of WASAPI. Basically the same thing…

You need Core decoder ON if you want to run DSP.

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Yes that is if you want too

I have the same DAC and Roon Core on a Synology NAS with DSM v7.

Here you can see more details on the issue I have Roon Server on Synology DSM 7 Situation - #101 by CvK

I’ve tried almost any setting combination. The MQA playback is stuttering to the point I had to disable MQA.

If anyone with a setup close to this

has a flawless MQA playback, please share your settings.

I hope the guys from iFi will have the DAC verified by Roon. If there’s anyone who can give some feedback/update, please do so.

Thank you :smiley:

iFi DACs have problems with MQA playbacks. I have reported these issues to iFi. There are known issues with gapless MQA and also the occasional stutters you are experiencing. I have a Neo iDSD and have the same issues. I have since moved from Tidal to Qobuz and don’t care about MQA anymore.