MQA signaling in Qobuz stream?

Qobuz 44.1/24 stream with this signal path?

Here is the Qobuz source description

I am at a loss here. I subscribed to Qobuz to get rid of the pesky MQA versions and here they come through the backdoor? It does not seem to be a metadata issue as you can see in the signal path. Anybody with an explanation out there?

All titles on the 2L label are MQA only. 2L believes MQA provides the best SQ.

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Checked the booklet and yes it is 2L label, but no mentioning that they process everything with MQA. DXD master 352.8Hz is the source for various versions. Qobus labels its as 44.1/24 but plays a MQA version.

See this post from Morten Lindberg of 2L:

OK, that explains it. Problem appears to be squarely in Qobuz’ court. Will see if other labels are ‘infected’ as well. BTW Jan Gunnar Hoff Ensemble with ‘Polarity’ is a great piece of modern Jazz.

Another 2L recording and MQA on Qobuz.

When I discovered this I emailed 2L and Qobuz. 2L just raved about how MQA provided the best listening experience (my concerns didn’t matter). Qobuz essentially said they do not support MQA, but have no control over what labels send to them.