MQA Tag Renaming App

Here are the releasenotes.

Almost useless when its Windows only so far.

You missed the ‘So Far’ bit. That means this will change. Not so useless then perhaps. Apple can’t always be first :joy:

Almost useless to you and the rest of the minority using apple rather than windows. However for us, in the majority, it is very useful. :grinning:

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Actually all you need to tag MQA file is simply two parameters, one to identify it is MQA encoded and the other one is to show the original sample frequency (OSF). You can use any editing software to Include the followings:-

Encoder MQAEncode

Where XXXXX is sampling frequency in Hz, for example 96000 is 96kHz

One can still playback without having MQA tagged and still get decoded but in most case playback software will not indicate the MQA information until it is playback.