MQA with an ultraRendu?

I’m running an ultraRendu. It’s connected to a Sonore ultraDigital which then connects to my Monoprice HTP-1 processor. Sounds great.

Is there any way I can use this setup to get MQA processing, or would I need to add an MQA-capable DAC?


The full MQA processing can happen in a DAC. You can only get the first stage via software with non-MQA hardware. So… waht are you looking to do. With Roon you are able to get the decode stage. If you also want the Render stage, then you need a full MQA DAC.

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A couple of years ago or so, Sonore announced that they had a firmware update ready for release to their Rendu products that would make their devices fully MQA enabled. Unfortunately, there was such an outcry from a very vocal group of customers on their forum who were almost ‘evangelically’ anti-MQA that Sonore ended up cancelling the release indefinitely.

As a result of this, you will only get full MQA processing by purchasing a DAC that is fully MQA enabled.

You will of course still be able to get the first MQA unfold using Roon.


That makes me laugh, audiophiles against high quality audio :joy:
I have heard MQA a lot, and I mean a lot and then I hear people stating how it sounds crap, lossy (pick your own adjective) and realise they haven’t listened to MQA at all. But they have taken an anti stance with a vengeance. :joy:
That’s ok, it’s a free world but it baffles me…


I thought it was only going to be first unfold performed by the Rendu device. This was then made redundant when Roon 1.4 released with this capability, hence the project was abandoned/unnecessary.
To go further than the 1st unfold, they would to present a DAC profile and given that a Rendu is in front of a DAC, any DAC, this is not possible.

Hi Simon,

You may well be correct in stating that the Sonore Rendus were only going to carry out the 1st MQA unfold.

However, I am pretty sure that the release was abandoned primarily because of opposition from a very vocal hard line group of anti-MQA ‘evangelists’, and not simply because of the Roon 1.4 release. After all, the vast majority of Rendu users will not be Roon users. It would not have made sense for Sonore to abandon its firmware release just because it would replicate MQA processing within Roon.


I think there was a licensing issue, that Sonore would have to carry for the software to perform the unfold.

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Now, saying it would be great if a Sonore Rendu could present some sort of DAC profile to the MQA process to allow the unfold process to go beyond the 1st unfold to 24/96 to cope with 24/192 & 24/352.8 recordings.
I think this will just be a wish! :smiley:

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Yes, hardware manufacturers pay a licence fee to include MQA like anything else.

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There were many reasons, but basically we have to do what is right for us and our customers.

@Jesus_Rodriguez what at about Tidal’s new “Tidal Connect” feature?

Can do ? Or can’t do?

We are not really into it because they want us to add third party encryption software to our unit.