Mr. Corelli, white courtesy phone. Mr. Corelli (aka where the hell is it)

Every Sunday, almost without fail, I like to listen to one of four Arcangelo Corelli albums that I bought from Linn a while back. The Avison Ensemble are playing the instruments.

These are the albums:

Since 1.8 (I think, could have been earlier) this is my workflow.

  1. Go to search box and type in “Corelli.”

  2. Arcangelo Corelli appears in the quick search drop down and I tap it.

  3. Arrive at the artist page.

  4. Look through the albums. Where are they?

  5. Look at the discography focused down to my library. Nothing.

Now, if I go to one of the albums that I am looking for (via a tag I put the albums), you will notice “Arcangelo Corelli” up top.

If I tap on the name, Roon goes back to “Arcangelo Corelli” artist page and the albums are not there!

WTH X 2. Definitely some flumox’n around these parts

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it just another annoying side effect of how broke local searching is?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Michael,

I have no answer as to why your albums wouldn’t show up in the composer’s discography. They are not unidentified and it seems as if the composer was correctly identified. I do have those albums in my library, too, and in my case they correctly appear under Corelli’s discography. Mine are from Tidal, though.

But what happens if you search initially for the artist (Avison Ensemble)? Do the albums show in the main artist’s discography? This usually is my search strategy… I look in the artist’s discography first.

Great albums, by the way… you just made me change tonight’s listen queue…

You are welcome. I love those albums. Check out 'Per la Notte di Natale: Italian Christmas Concerto with Concerto Copenhagen. Corelli, Torelli.

They appear if I search for ‘Avison Ensemble.’ Though weirdly. One under ‘Albums in my Library’ and the other three under ‘appearances in my library.’

I hope that remembering the performer’s name isn’t a requirement. I spelled my own name wrong a couple weeks ago…remembering a composer I want to hear is hard enough without trying to remember obscure quartets, ensembles etc.

I think there must be a metadata problem somewhere with your files. What I would try to do is to re-identify the album from the album editor screen:

I see there are several metadata sets available for this one; try to identify your albums and save the metadata… maybe this helps getting them on the composer’s discography.

Screen Shot 2022-04-10 at 9.50.08 PM

I usually search for performers first because there generally are less results as when searching the discography of popular composers. For me it works well enough.

Come Christmas I will again listen to this; it’s already in my library.

Have you listened to Corelli’s Op.5 sonatas by Lina Tur Bonet and Musica Alchemica Ensemble? It’s a mesmerizing performance…

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I know it doesn’t answer why the albums are not showing up in the discography (the re-identifying is a likely solution) but I find the quickest way to find an album in my collection is to filter on the albums page


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I will check that out. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Thanks SJB. I identified the albums again and no love. I guess I’ll open a support case and see where that gets me.

One other thing you could try: remove the albums from your watched folder, clean up your library (Settings → Library → Clean up library), then add them back to the watched folder. As you’ve already attempted to re-identify them, this may not make a difference, but I’ve found that it often corrects persistent problems with metadata. The only downside is that you’d lose the play counts for each album.