Mu-So 2nd Generation MQA Output

I have a Naim Mu-so 2nd generation, I know that it doesn’t decode MQA, should I set mine to “Renderer only”? This will allow the first unfold?

Yes renderer only if you want the first decode.

Thank you. The Naim is unable to decode MQA. I would assume that the first decode is better than no decode at all. Forgive my ignorance, I am trying to learn as I go along.

That really depends on if you like MQA encoding or not. Let your own ears decide. I would say it’s better than playing MQA without any decoding YMMV. Some will says it better without MQA at all. But not let’s go into that as it has it own hideous thread.

Thank you very much. Really appreciate it. I tried it but to my ears, I couldn’t tell any difference. My wife thought that with renderer, it was very slightly better.

If you want to try the full decode, you can use an external dac and send the analogue output to the analogue of the muso. I have core to dac (meridian prime) to muso2. I can compare this with network input to the muso, and I prefer the mqa.