Much more difficult to remove albums from tags as of version 1.8

Hey everyone,

As of update 1.8, I can’t seem to figure out how to remove a tag from an album.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I use tags to keep track of albums I’d like to listen to all the way through on another system. I can add them just fine, but how do I remove them from an album in version 1.8?


As far as I know, you go to the tag, and then remove the track from the tag.

I seem to have found a solution - Navigating to the “Tags” section, finding the Tag, finding the album (in a list which cannot be sorted in any way), and finally right clicking and selecting “Remove from tag”…

If there’s any way at all we can get the original untagging functionality back, or at absolute minimum, make the “Tag” section sortable like every other album list in Roon, that would greatly ease this frustration…

Awesome update otherwise (so far).

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Yes, this worked for me (literally was just posting what I found). Still, the untagging process is very hard to deal with as the Tagged list cannot be sorted unless one chooses to focus on just the Albums (for example), which subsequently disables the ability to remove it from the tag. Argh!

I suspect they were trying to make UI consistent between tags and playlists. That said, they’re conceptually different enough that many of us use them very differently. I’m also hoping they revert this to pre 1.8.