Multi-album reissue box sets (Grateful Dead)

How can I best handle metadata for such sets? One obvious example - Grateful Dead Records Collection from 2017. It’s a ‘box set’ (I actually own the digital download) of 4 classic Dead albums remastered in 201. The Roon metadata matcher wants them in one “album” of 4 discs called “Grateful Dead Records Collection” with generic cover art. But when organized that way, the names of the individual albums are lost. It’s just 4 discs of tracks . . . with no identification of the individual albums.

Right now I have them split up into individual albums, which of course Roon won’t match to anything in their database and so they are “unidentified.”

Obviously I can leave them “unidentified” – any better solution?? (NB - I did try adding “work” tagging with each album being a ‘work,’ but it doesn’t show up in the Roon client.)

Same issue with other sets – the Steven Wilson remasters/remixes of the Yes albums. Roon wants them in one set, w/out identifying the individual albums, it appears.

Hi @Bart001,

We have some best practices for multi-disc sets here in our KB. For multi-disc sets, it is not possible to give each disc their own name / cover.

One option is to leave them separated and identify them as the individual albums rather than as a part of the set.


Thanks Dylan. I followed the best practices in that link, but the answer is apparently, as you wrote, that even where a ‘box set’ is comprised of multiple indiv. albums, it’s not possible for Roon to ID them individually.

I would have thought that the “work” feature might do the trick? Roon sometimes identifies “works” on its own; that would be a decent solution here.

Is there a tutorial on manually creating a “work” header in Roon? I add that info in my tagger (Metadatics) but it doesn’t show up in the Roon UI.

Hi @Bart001,

You could use Work/Part tags and set the album to prefer files for compositions, but this is typically not how these tags are used, so things might not work normally if you go this route.