Multi-Channel Sync Streaming to different loudspeakers (surround sound)

It would be great if Roon could stream synchron different channels to different loudspeakers (via AirPlay or Chromecast) and group different loudspeaker / zone for sync multi channel playback. A assignment in the setup for each loudspeaker / zone to one channel would be a dream for a surround sound setup with different (Airplay or Chromecast) loudspeakers in one room.
(e.g. 2 different loudspeaker = 2 sync channels = Stereo sound; 6 different loudspeakers = 6 sync channels = 5.1 Dolby surround sound)

I found a multi-channel description in the roon knowlege base (see But how to stream different channels to different loudspeakers I could not find it in my settings. I am using Airplay loudspeaker, perhaps it works with RAAT loudspeakers?

Well, you could use the Procedural EQ filter in Roon’s DSP engine to direct different channels to different zones. However, I think would only work best for RAAT zones. You might run into syncing problems (e.g. sync drift) if you use it for Airplay/Chromecast zones…

If you are using a recent Mac as your Roon core, you can set up a virtual output device in MacOS with different channels routed to individual (and presumably Roon-suitable) hardware devices.

Thank you very much for the feedback and input. Now I have something to test for the week end.