Multi-Disk Album, Each disk has additional name

I’ve got a multi-disk album where each disk has a unique name.

Currently, the file structure looks like so:

** Album Name
*** CD 1 Unique name
*** CD 2 Unique name
*** CD 3 Unique name

The tags include: Disk Number 1/3, 2/3, 3/3

This shows up as three different albums in Roon, each with **Album Name as the Album Name.

Ideally, I’d like Roon to recognize this as a single album with multiple disks - and somehow display each disk’s name where it usually shows “Disk 1” & “Disk 2”.

Short of that, I’d like Roon to at least recognize this as a single album with multiple disks.

Right now I don’t know why Roon is splitting it up - is it because the unique name is appended to the folder name? Instead of just Disk 1 or Disk 2? Is it because the tags 1/3, 2/3 is a wrong format?

Pretty much I guess. Individual disk names or covers are currently not supported. See also:

Hi @Jim_Meyer,

Yes, you’ll want to make sure that the format you’re using is just as described in our Help Center, without the extra name appended.

Alternatively you can group the albums with manual editing in Roon, but using the folder structure + naming convention we recommend will typically yield the best results.

Thanks. And Thanks to BlackJack for the advice on renaming the folder structure. That worked to group all disks under one album name.

I may be missing it in the linked references but is there a way to identify individual disks within a multi disk set or in a box set - aside from disk 1, disk 2…? BlackJack pointed out that individual titles are not supported. Is that official?

Hi @Jim_Meyer,

That is correct. There is currently not an option to name individual discs.

Here’s hoping you add this functionality.
Just picked up 13 Winters by Frost* and it would be oh so nice to see the individual cd titles instead of the overall collection title.
Gather this has been asked for a very long time