Multi track Composition

This one stumps me:

This TIDAL album has several films from which selections have been chosen, but they have not been grouped as a composition. Some I understand. They are out of order and partial selections.

But this one stumped:

The Ricordando… a) has the canonically correct name a la AllMusic, and b) has sequentially numbered PARTS. So why is it not treated as a multi-track composition?

And now, an old refrain: please give users the ability to group tracks within an album as they see fit.

It can’t be the text of the track names; if you make the album unidentified the grouping is correct. It’s the metadata from Allmusic(?).

Yeah, AM has no listing of this composition’s parts, so I suppose it just treated them as five separate comps.

Still, I want to be able to a) maintain the Roon album identification, yet b) group these obviously groupable tracks by force.

I agree; yet I surmise Roon’s aim is to do the right thing automatically and thus they will resist extra options.

You are quite right Brian. I learned quickly not to mention a feature “as an option”; that’s an immediate turnoff for Roon.

And I say that with some respect. I have another app that is chock full of options to the point of detraction.

Roon must have read Steve Jobs’ biography. :slight_smile: