Multichannel [DTS] through Meridian 210 to G61R

How do I make Roon NOT to downmix a 5.1 file to 2.0 before sending to the 210?
The 210 will let the 5.1 through just fine, just like it does from Sooloos.

Really? The Meridian Sooloos streaming protocol is not multi-channel capable. Are you talking about bit-perfect passthrough of a compressed Dolby Digital or DTS file?

The FLAC files I play are DTS 5.1.
I tried again and those files play just fine with Roon through the 210. It treats it as a normal stereo FLAC.

Okay. Since Roon doesn’t have a DTS decoder, it’s not down-mixing. But here’s the odd thing: if Roon wasn’t delivering bit-perfect playback, then you wouldn’t hear anything except white noise – DTS files are a good test for bit-perfect playback.

Perhaps Roon is actually playing a different 2.0 version of those files? Worth checking.