Multichannel into HD621?

Thought it’d be fun to try streaming some multichannel music into my Meridian cinema. I’m using the HD621 to pass HDMI audio from my ROCK NUC into the system…

So far I can get native stereo at 96kHz into the 621 and play, but 5.1 is silent. If I set Roon to downsample everything to 48hKz then I get both stereo and 5.1, but obviously downsampled, which isn’t ideal.

Is there any way to get native 96kHz 5.1 through the 621 or am I stuck with downsampling?

I realise 48kHz is very likely good enough, but would be nice to get native sample rate through.



You need to reconfigure the 621 (or find someone who can) in order to pass 24/96. You might try asking for help at

Thanks, Kal. I can do the reconfiguration if somebody can direct me to the correct settings. I’ve had a play myself but nothing fruitful found so far. Have a post in on Hitchhikers forum. Fingers crossed for a solution…

It’s been 5+ years since I owned/used an HD-621, but I don’t recall having to do anything special when watching Blu-rays with a 96/24 audio track.

Oh @rDin, is MHR turned OFF in the HD621 config?

@joel, thanks for the suggestion. Just double checked, but regardless of HD621 config I can only get multichannel if Roon downsamples all sources to 48kHz. That’s good enough for now, if frustrating to my inner geek; at least I can play multichannel should I wish to.

One more thing @rDin . What firmware do you have in your HD621?

Would need to check, but think it has whatever was the last firmware released.