Multichannel playback

Then it is only a question of what works.

It depends. Is Roon already working on you NUC? What operating system does it use now?

Since you said you are using JRiver as well on it, it sounds like it already has an operating system and you don’t need ROCK. As a matter of fact, I believe if you replaced your current opertating system with ROCK you wouldn’t be able to use JRiver (someone please correct me if I am wrong).

You are not wrong.

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I followed everyone’s advise. I installed ROCK and connected the NUC to my AVR. Now I get multichannel sound!

Here is my screen now

Is there anything else to do? Can I ever use the NUC for any other purpose, e.g. media server for Plex?

As I understand it, the ROCK operating system is only for Roon, so you won’t be able to run anything else.