Multichannel Roon Bridge

I’m looking for recommendations for a Roon Bridge platform. I would like to run 5.1 over HDMI into my AV receiver. I tried spinning up a Raspberry Pi but Roon only saw it as a two channel device. Help? Recommendations? This for an experiment so not looking to spend much (less than $250 if possible)

Maybe an older macmini might cut it. 2010 units had HDMI out - I have a couple but not tried into an HDMI processor or Oppo BDP-105

Multichannel support on Linux is currently broken but in the process of being fixed. Not certain on the exact timeframe but it’s coming soon.

Thanks for the time saver. Is it a Linux issue in general or something specific to Roon?

Primarily some tweaks on the Roon side. If it plays two channel via HDMI now then multichannel should work when the update is released.

Brilliant, thanks for the update.