Multichannel support? [In Roon1.3]

I have lots of classical DVD-A and SACD rips. One can also buy all sorts of multichannel classical downloads.

Firmly believe that this is an area that Roon could excel in and lead from the front , ’ If you build it , they will come ’ :wink: There are solutions varying from valiant to half-assed but nothing that enables us to ‘Jukebox’ our 5.1 libraries in the same manner as our 2.0 libraries .

Rather than navigate folders and tracks a-la-Dune I would heartily support the development of a 5.1 library navigation solution .


Speaking out of place, try 2L and NativeDSD for starters.

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Kal- Thanks, I don’t have the provisions to do SACD/DVD-A rips and failed to mention that I was looking for a multichannel delivery format storefront.

Yes, so I thought. Both of these are websites from which one can buy/download multichannel files.

NativeDSD does sell multi channel downloads. As does iTrax, Acoustic Sounds. 2L used to sell them, but I did not see them in the store. You can see that they did sell them and you can still download multi channel test files here:

Plenty of MCH at 2L. See

Been a bit busy, but as others have chimed in DVD & SACD rips for the most part.

+1 on Multi-Channel support. I love Multi-Channel, and have over 600 albums in my collection. these are either SACD ISOs, DVDA, Blueray or DVD rips. Currently I stream these with my Mac Mini via HDMI into my Anthem AVR utilizing JRiver/JRemote as my control point.


Any thoughts on what one can do in the meantime? I might be half content playing two channels but right now Roon won’t even recognize my multi-channel downloads.

While we wait for multichannel ability. I haven’t told Roon about my multichannel folder, but if I did would it appear in my library and would Roon play them? ~Down mixing it to stereo or just play 2 tracks, ignoring the rest. It may save me re ripping all my multichannel stuff to get the stereo versions. Or would that be best anyway?


Multichannel support is a requirement for me. For multichannel I use an OPPO-103D connected by HDMI to an Anthem Statement D2V. The OPPO acts as a renderer and I control it from a Synology NAS. I use MediaMonkey to manage my music collection, and I use Synology apps to control streaming. I added a custom field to MediaMonkeyto support File Format (FLAC_962451 STG, FLAC_962450, FLAC_481620, etc.). When multiple mixes of the same recording are available, I store all of the mixes on the server so I can select the most appropriate mix for the configuration that I am streaming to. I can control the streaming from browsers, IOS apps and Android apps. Multichannel is supported for all of this.
I would like to have the Roon metadata support, but I need this level of multichannel support.

+1 for multichannel support

I like to add my vote for high resolution multi-channel support in Roon. I have a gathered a collection of excellent high definition, multi-channel recordings from four sources (downloads, DVD-A, SACD and Blu-Ray discs). I play them via HDMI on my home theater PC (Intel NUC) using J River or OPPO BD-105 and send high definition 96/24 PCM over HDMI to my Anthem Statement D2. I listen mostly to classical music and find that good multi-channel recordings are far more immersive than stereo recordings. I am heartened to see multi-channel getting a little more traction as consumers recognize cheap storage and faster Internet speeds make audiophile quality recordings attainable at reasonable cost. High definition multi-channel, when it is done well, delivers a music listening experience that goes well beyond CD quality stereo.

When my generation is buying Roon we are simply looking for the best possible music catalog and listening experience. As millennials learn about better than lo-fi audio, I have noticed them embracing the benefits of quality headphones. I am convinced that home theater systems will be one of their up-and-coming audio discoveries. For this reason, I believe the development team at Roon will find value in supporting high quality multi-channel audio (and not just because I love it).


I download multi-channel flacs and DSDs from
They have many of the Pentatone SACD releases available for download as MC Flac and DSD, as well as many other labels, mostly, but not all, classical.

+1 for Multichannel support

+1 for Multichannel support.

Connect my laptop to my home theater AVR via HDMI and play my growing library of 5.1 FLAC via Audirvana+.

+1 for multichannel support.

I connect my PC to my receiver via optical cable therefore I get Roon to downsample stereo DSD to whatever it judges is the maximum that the cable can carry, 24/96 I think. It would be great when multichannel playback is implemented if Roon could also downsample any 5.1 FLAC I play to whatever is the maximum that the optical cable could carry, DTS 24/96 perhaps ?

Just a though to save me converting lots of my 5.1 files into something playable on my system.


I was disappointed to see today that Roon won’t even play or recognize multichannel files in stereo like Audirvana can. It doesn’t even seem to add them to the library – unless I’m doing something wrong.

Is the only way around this to convert them to stereo (using iso2dvd, if you have the original sacd)?