Multiple Album Covers Within Box Set

To use an analogy, if I had a serious illness, I would be happy with a medicine that alleviates the suffering while the real cure is being worked on.

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Thank you, @brian!

That is way more info than I hoped for, and it helps tremendously. I appreciate your candor. I will invest the time to apply my own band-aid since a more elegant solution in Roon is harder and further away than I thought.


I hate to compare but this is one of the main reasons I still maintain my JRiver library, that plus classical navigation in general


Me too. Its a shame Roon can’t implement this.

Is there any update on whether the Box Set feature has been implemented in Roon yet?

Has been, no. Will be, roon tend not to comment on futures I’m afraid, so your guess is as good…

I don’t see any updates from Roon personnel … so is there any hope of having this feature implemented anytime soon ? It certainly has a large number of users requesting it but no feedback from the creators.

At the moment the only way around this is to add each CD as individual albums and use tags to denote the box set. Very inelegant.

There is always hope!

That we won’t know until we see it. The Roon team does not provide any roadmaps or indication of what’s in upcoming releases, except sometimes bug fixes.

I too would be happy with some kind of band aid solution. I think setting the bar too high and looking for an automatic way for the correct metadata to be scraped for box sets may not happen. The wait would therefore be in vain. Implementing a feature that addresses these needs for a (perhaps relatively small) subset of the (significant) Roon user base need not inconvenience the others. Indeed, nothing would need to change for the others, but for those that want it, box sets could be sorted in a more fitting way.

This links in with a number of other feature requests on this site - but I think automating everything with a one-size-fits-all approach shouldn’t be the answer to everything. There needs to be some ability of the end user to edit things at their end - be it album reviews, box set management of otherwise.

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Literally all we need is the ability to assign (or recognize where the tag already exists) a disc subtitle, and (bonus points) to associate album art with the disc rather than the album. In every other respect, the ‘album’, which in this case is the box set, can function the same way it does right now. If Roon then wants to pursue mapping individual disc metadata like it does for albums today, sounds great. But let’s take the first step and eliminate 80% of the frustration for box set collectors.