Multiple album versions within same release

Apologies if this has been asked but I couldn’t find it in any search. So I have a number of albums by King Crimson, Yes and Gentle Giant that have been re-released within the past decade with multiple versions of the album within the same release i.e. 2ch, 5.1, original mix, new mix etc. Here’s an example of one of them:

In the past, after ripping the DVD-A and converting the files to 24/96kHz flac, I’ve used MP3Tag (with Musicbrainz) to provide the metadata: it lists the entirety of the release (ie every track of the CD and DVD-A) and I just move the files up/down in the window to line up with the corresponding correct tracks to get the correct metadata. I then put the various versions into separate folders and treat them as separate albums.

However I’ve noticed this seems to cause Roon some confusion with matching up. Am I right in saying that Roon would expect me to have all the tracks (i.e. including the CD, which in this case is superflous) in the same folder for it to work?

I’ve also noticed that even if you can manually select the correct release sometimes there’s a mismatch in track numbers. For example here:

Roon treats ‘Lizard’ as one 23’35" track when on the album it is split into multiple (4 different) parts.


I’ve since discovered that you can move the tracks up and down to match but only one-by-one, which would be a bit laborious for numerous albums!