Multiple artists

I have a track with multiple artists. In the past, I have successfully tagged files with multiple artists (using semi-colons to separate them in the file tagging system, per Roon’s KB recommendaiton) and they reflected the separate artists well inside Roon.

I have a new track that I have just treated the same way, but for some reason all 3 artists are inseparatble and when hovering the mouse over their names are shown as a single link (vs. 3 separate ones).

I was careful to make sure all 3 artists where already in my library perviously but that didn’t help.

Happy for any advice or guidance…

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@goldwerger, has this been answered in another thread?


it’s been a couple of years, so I don’t remember…!

but regarding the answer, I found that it’s a bit inconsistent - some times, one just have to play wtih either semi-colon or commas, and swithc around until one works… low tech, but there it is…