Multiple disc albums display


I couldn’t find something about this topic, but it’s propably quite simple: I don’t care about albums that come on two or more discs. So when I rip them I always ignore this fact and don’t use the number of disc metatag, etc. and just keep on numbering the songs from 1 to … However Roon presents those albums in seperated pages according the discs they originally were sold. I do not like and want this separation. How can I tell Roon to simply list all the songs of an album on one page?


You can merge Albums.

Gee! This option is hard to find! Thanks Chris. It would have been great if this was placed somehow more prominent.

Hi @Bernd_Eichhorn1, have you checked out the Roon Knowledge Base it’s a good reference source for new and experienced users alike. This is the section on Merge Albums.

Carl, thanks! I was looking and searching but wasn’t aware that what I was looking for was called “merge”. And from the examples for merging - which I read - I understood that it was ment to merge more than one album into one. I just want - to say it in your words: merge - the multiple discs from one and the same album into one, but not from multiple albums. As I didn’t tag the albums that way I first looked for a way to tell Roon to read the album tags my way and only then searched for a different approach.