Multiple groups

I’ve asked a similar question to this a few years ago but it wasn’t possible then. I wonder if it’s possible now:
Let’s say I have speakers ‘A’ (in one room) and speakers ‘B’ (in a different room). Currently I can play to either speakers A or B. I can also group speakers A and B to play the same music to both rooms. However, if I then want to play only to speakers A or B I have to ungroup then (I believe). Is there a way I can leave speakers A and B grouped as one option of my speakers list and then also play only to speakers A or to speakers B as other options?
The speakers are all Roon Ready devices and not played over airplay or chrome cast
If this isn’t possible, what would be the best way to request it?

I’m afraid there isn’t a way to do this (IMHO it’s also annoying that ungrouping / regrouping will lose any settings on the group).

Search for existing feature requests and add your vote to them.

Grrr. Thanks. I suspect that I already voted for this feature when I last asked a few years ago. Seems developments at Roon are quite, erm, slow. Hey ho.

I dont think development is slow, its what they choose to deveiop/maintain at any one time and its prioroty that is the issue as what one user regards as essential half a dozen frown down as to why its needed. Also we never know whats on the roadmap that changing things could delay or break.

Changing exisiting feature behaviour all said isnt one of Roon strengths, they seem to release it and move on and possiblly tweak occassionaly if its broken. The are much more focuesd on new shiny features than revisting past ones. In the case of multiroom Roons systen how ever flawed in its implementation of zones is one of its most stable features so maybe reluctant to not play with it as its not exactly broken, its a would be nice to thing.

Roon is a project with a lot of moving parts these days and they are still a relatively small team. But it would be nice to see more current features improved on and to fix bugs that have been around for way longer than they should have.