Multiple homes two servers?

I have two homes. How can I use one paid subscription to Roon in both locations?

I have a Nucleus in one and can either buy another Nucleus or use a Mac computer in the other.

Please advise. Surely I don’t have to buy two subscriptions?

Also I cannot get the “ group zones” button to activate to play in multiple rooms.

Please advise,
Thank you.

All you have to do is log-in at one place and tell Roon to disconnect the other. Repeat ad lib. I do it twice a week.

Unless you mean simultaneously, for which, that would require 2 licenses.

Thank you @support what about my question on making the “group zones” button activated? It’s grayed out won’t work.

What protocols are the zones you want to group? Airplay , Roon Ready, Chromecast etc You can only group zones that use the same streaming protocol as they can’t in sync as they all have different streaming tech that does not play well together . So Roon Ready devices can only be grouped with other Roon Ready same for airplay with only airplay so.on and so forth.

Hi @David_Fenton — As suggested, can you confirm what kind of endpoints you’re using? As noted in our KB, only Zones of the same type can be grouped.

Using one license on two cores in separate houses works OK. Cannot use simultaneously (although I got back to one house and it was still playing even while I was using it at the other house, but could not access the interface - it was just playback continuing while Roon displayed the “unauthorize core” window). To sync the libraries you have to backup the database at one location and then restore it at the other. That screws up the audio endpoints and then they have to be reconfigured.

Using 2 licenses doesn’t allow the backup-restore and so there is no way to sync libraries across cores with separate licenses, as I understand it. I’ve never tried since I only have one license, but I read that here somewhere.

Thank you @support . I have the Nucleus connected to a Marantz preamp and amp - recent models. I also have Sonos speakers in the house. Can’t i group them?

Hi @David_Fenton,

You can group the Sonos speakers together — When you have a Sonos Zone selected are you still seeing the group function grayed out? Can you share a screenshot if so?

So i can’t group the Sonos with the Marantz? I will send a screen shot. Even when i pick Sonos it is grayed out.

Hi @David_Fenton,

No, as mentioned in the KB article linked to above, only Zones of the same type can be grouped. So Sonos Zones can be grouped with other Sonos Zones, but Sonows Zones cannot be grouped with any other type (like the Marantz).

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