Multiple libaries on one core

Hello, I inherited a lot of classical music on a NAS from someone. Which I would like to listen to ocassionally. But I do not want to add the music to my own libary. Not all of it anyway.

I know you can add multiple profiles, but is it possible to run different liberies? So that I only add the classical music from the nas to one profile?

Welcome to the community, @Xander_Westenberg!

Unfortunately, you cant have more than library. However, you can have multiple storage locations and create ‘views’ for these.

If you go to Settings > Storage create a location for your own library and a separate one for the other music.

Now go to My Albums and use Focus to select one or the other STORAGE LOCATIONS. Finally, bookmark the view for quick access.

Ok, yes i see what you mean. But wouldnt I still get recommended music on my home screen based on the added music?

Possibly. Recommendations are based on your listening preferences and what is in your library.

If you go to Settings > Storage you can disable the storage you don’t want to use and these albums will be removed from your library (actually they’re still in the database until you clean up.)