Multiple PC output question

Hi all,

I’m a new Roon user, just subscriber at the moment but considering going to lifetime once I have fully compared to JRiver which I’m also trialling. My question pertains to outputting from multiple Windows PCs.

My core is my desktop PC which outputs to both a surround sound system via HDMI and my Chord Mojo; integration of these is both excellent and the GUI works great with a 27 inch touchscreen monitor. I also have a laptop which I would like to be able to connect to the core for when I want to take the Mojo upstairs and listen on the headphones in bed; I’ve downloaded Roon for my laptop, but it only seems to function as a remote. Is there any way of being able to use my laptop/mojo combination as an endpoint so that I can use it much the same way as I do the desktop PC (but obviously retaining that as the core)?

Loading Roon as a Remote on your laptop is correct. You should then see a Zone for the laptop using Settings/Audio. Any Control should then be able to send a Queue to that Zone. If you can’t find a Zone for the laptop on your desktop Core, check on the laptop if it’s defaulted to a Private Zone.

The Roon User Guide can help with the learning curve.

Hmmm, guessing my laptop should come up under the “Networked” section down the bottom? I only see my phone and my Sky TV box (which is disabled); I’ll do some digging later and see if it is an issue with RAAT and Roon being blocked by security.

Yes, a Remote on a computer is a Networked Zone. Try turning firewalls off to check. You will want to be whitelisting Roon.exe and Raatserver.exe.