Multiple resolution versions of the same track

I now have multiple resoluion versions of the same song. Each has a slightly different filename but as far as I can tell, mostly the same metadata.

These are the files I downloaded for comparison to a single folder from 2L website.

Roon doesn’t show the different versions. (It doesn’t show the “Other Version” box like it does when two albums of different resolutions are in my library.) It seems to default to the highest res file and ignores the others. If I delete the higher res file, then Roon shows the lower res file.

How do I organize these files so I can easily select and play different versions of the same file?

Well, that was simple enough. Separate tracks into separate folders.

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In settings do you show or hide other versions ?

In Settings/General/Show album version on browser it is set to yes.

Is there another setting?

Putting the files in separate folders has allowed me the option to choose which one to “Make Primary” which allows me the opportunity to find and select the track for play.

I avoid editing metadata and filenames on downloaded files. I suppose I could have organized them that way (by editing metadata) but I simply wanted to play and compare.