Multiple User Support and personal Music Streaming (over Internet)

I know that there is no iOS App yet available, but as soon as there is I would really like a feature (If it isn’t already on your to-do-list), to be able to setup multiple users (or family members) to your Library. After that you can assign music folders to each user. In addition to that it would be really nice being able to stream this to your Roon player (even if you are not in the local Network). Especially for the iPhone this would be a very nice feature if you are not at home. Maybe Roon could also transcode the music to a better suited audio codec on-the-fly (mp3 or aac).
I am currently use Plex for this and I would really like to see this in Roon as well…
Sorry, I think I mentioned 3 features in one post now… :slight_smile:

EDIT: Also giving each user priviledges for certain Speakers could be an option. This way there just needs to be one Roon Server to serve music for a whole family or flatshare…


Have you tried to set up another profile, one for each user?

I’ve had a number of folks ask me if this was possible with Roon. Short of devising a VPN between your home and your remote location (such that all devices appear to be local to one another), I can’t think of a way to manage it.

What would be rad is to allow the Roon remotes and clients to be able to connect to a Remote Library, and also to allow the Remote apps to optionally function as Roon Speakers…