Multiple zones and computers


I am pretty new to Roon, so please excuse me if I will ask something obvious.

I read a little and I am still not sure about the multiple computer that I can use with a Roon licence.

To be more precise, I use Roon with Tidal in my main setup (Windows+laptop+DAC) and, in the near future, I want to add a new computer for my bedroom, together with a DAC and of course Roon and Tidal.

In such case, what will happen?

PS: I won’t use any local files there, only Tidal.

Roon is built around the idea that there is a central device (core, server whatever you want to call it) that does all the hard graft - it finds your files, indexes them, retrieves the extra data that drives roon it does the same things even if you are using Tidal. This box also does things like apply any signal processing and then it ships the music out to devices that you have on the network for music playback - this being controlled by the roon interface which works on a control device.
You can only have one server per license but you can have as many control devices and and music playback devices as you want or as you are running them currently - all on one device.
You can have as many control and playback devices as you like no further licensing needed.

So for example i have one server with some local storage and tidal. - Server
An iPad - control
A windows PC, A raspberry or two, Sonos units - playback devices.