Multitasking, take advantage of multiple idle cores

Is it possible to make Roon so it multitasks over multiple CPU’s? I use a Quad core server and Roon only uses 1 core which at times can get busy.

Which operating system are you using ? I have a Windows Server 2008 and I have never noticed such a problem. (assuming that your post is about Roon Core)

It only uses multi cores for initial music analysis and for complex dsd conversion I believe. It’s designed to run on a dedicated device where loading one core doesn’t matter.

You are right, But that’s the problem. Most systems today have multiple cores and when Roon is using only 1 core, the others are idle. If you are streaming to multiple endpoints, it would be helpful to have each endpoint being serviced by a dedicated core when a core on the server is idle.

Why would it be helpful if one core does the job perfectly well?

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1 core doesn’t do it all perfectly. The more data/songs you have the slower it becomes to start playing a new artist/song. By only using 1 core, you are trapped into always getting the latest higher speed core servers instead of using all of the resources of the server.
I have plenty of ram (16GB), 4 cores, enterprise ssd for the OS and Roon, and Roon has gotten slower to respond, sometimes I think the server is down slow, the larger the music catalog has grown.
The core running Roon can be pegged at close to 100% while the other 3 cores are idle.
I have ran Roon on another non-dedicated machine that has much faster CPU’s and it does run much better, but I don’t want to run that machine 24 hours a day, and I know eventually Roon will start slowing down on that machine over time and then I need to upgrade to faster cores

What size of music catalogue?
People run cores on piece of crap machines without a major problem.

I don’t want to be nitpicking but to avoid any confusion, what you are referring to is called “multi-threading”. Multi-tasking is something different.

Multi threading is different, running on a single core you can time slice that core with different threads so in practical sense, only 1 process is running at any given time.
If you read my title, multitask over multiple cores which means all cores are busy doing tasks for program “A”. If Roon needs to have a thread to read music for endpoint 1, create a thread on cpu 1 to perform that function. At the same time, Roon needs to read music for endpoint 2, have Roon create a new thread on cpu 2 to perform that function simultaneously. If Roon is looking at the directories to see if new music is written to that disk, create another thread on cpu 3 to scan the directory.
Now my cpu usage is balanced and running efficiently.
Today, Roon creates multiple threads using a single cpu for all its tasks and time slices that cpu so a little bit of work for each thread gets worked on at a single time.
I used to build million $$$ database servers with thousands of users per server and you never want to see a program cpu bound, you want all processes to run on any cpu that is idle, except for rare cases