Music backup between ROCK and QNAP

I need help. I run ROCK on a self-made server and, until now, I backed up the music on external HD using syncback pro on my notebook. The disadvantage is that I’ve to keep the notebook turned on for the entire duration of the backup process (days…)

Now I’ve purchased a QNAP that I want to use as a backup machine leaving ROCK on the server.

My goal would be to program the QNAP to connect directly to the IP of the server without having to use the notebook.

I tried using the Hybrid backup sync app but it can’t access ROCK (or I don’t know how to do it).

Do you have suggestions?

You have to use File Station first to mount the ROCK storage on your TS before you can configure a proper backup job.

ok, i mounted the Rock storage

And now? :sweat_smile:

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If Hybrid backup sync can’t access ROCK even when mounted on the NAS, then you have to search for an other solution.

I made a manual copy of the library (on the NAS). As in my case, music files do not magically appear in the library, I just send new files to Roon and a copy to the backup location.